Extra costs?

Extra costs
In addition to the costs of the yacht there are some other costs of much lower value.
These costs are applicable to the entire yacht.
1. External Skipper – 500 euros
2. Shopping for 1 week on the yacht (food, water, juices, different drinks) – 300 – 400 euros per yacht. These costs may grow depending on what each one of you wants to buy
3. Port and fresh water costs (approx. 25 euros for the whole yacht)
4. The cost of a dinner at a tavern – 15-20 euros/person, drinks at the club can vary between 2 and 8 euros.
5. Cost of the gasoline at the end of the week (depending on the yacht’s total consumption and the time spent using the engine, the generator or the air conditioning, if applicable). It can vary between 120 – 200 euros for 45ft yacht and can get higher for a catamaran.
6. Yacht insurance / deposit. There are 2 options:
a) Either a non-refundable insurance of between 300 and 500 euros, depending on the
yacht, plus 300-500 euros refundable if there are no damages
b) Either a deposit that can vary between 2000 and 3500 euros, depending on the yacht.
This deposit is fully refunded at the end of the vacation if there are no damages to the yacht.
If there are damages, the cost of repairing the yacht will be taken from this deposit.
The deposit can only be paid with cash for certain yachts or the amount can be blocked from your card for other yachts.
Please contact us for more details.