Regatta and funny costumes

Regatta and special costumes
The most exciting day will be the one on which we will organize the Regatta. The spirit of this regatta is to award the best crew from various points of view:
1. If they can sail …and finish the regatta among the first 5
2. If they have unique costumes for the regatta
3. If they showed during the entire week that they know how to have fun
So, in order to win the Party Sails Regatta, you will have to do various things during your vacation. Your skipper will give you all the details.
Your costumes will be unique if you plan it on time and if you succeed to find something special together with your crew. The most common are the pirates costumes, same design T-shirts, etc. A special example would be a Santa costume or even using medical mud (yes, that was done already 🙂 ). This is where your imagination comes into play and you have to find something as different as possible from the classic regatta costumes. We will use these costumes on the last night party as well.
Good luck!