Sailing with kids

Looking for fun activities to do with family this summer? Well look no further and consider sailing with kids!
We at Party Sails have a lot of experience with flotillas, being on the water since 2007. It is now the time to start kids flotillas too, as we do want our kids to have the best fun available and love the vacations spent on yachts. The kids flotillas will be 100% focus on the kids and families. So no usual Party Sails parties at all. Everything will be for the kids and for the families. We will even bring water slides and trampolines for the amusement of kids, but that is not the only thing for them during the week. There will be fun times for parents too.

More than the sport side, sailing it's about lifestyle. Being at sea or in a natural bay it offers you a total feeling of freedom. You visit a different remote beach everyday and not the same hotel beach, you wake up and jump in the blue sea instead of just a shower or swimming pool at a hotel, you sail a few hours, you cook your lunch in a natural bay..
Nothing is better on a hot summer’s day than being on the water, swimming in crystal clear sea and feeling the wind in your hair. Bringing your family on board and experience all this together is an adventure of a life time. This is probably the best way to spend your holidays and bringing the kids as early as possible on a yacht will only offer them  more adventure, more great family time and more incredible memories.
Here are more reasons your family should go sailing:

1. You’ll work together as a team

Sailing compared to motoring a yacht is not as simple as pointing the boat in the direction you want to go. It’s about adjusting the sails to catch the wind for the direction you want to go, adapting to sudden wind changes, working with ropes, guidance at docking and anchoring etc. You can tackle this goal as a team and use each other’s strengths to complete the task.
stefan sailing

2. It’s a new type of adventure, addictive

If you haven't been on a sailing yacht before and you’re one of those families that like to get out and try new things, you’ll find sailing a lot different than anything you’ve done before. It requires a lot of concentration and attention to details. You’ll find yourself quickly wrapped up in the adventure and its addictive 🙂

3. You can make what you want of your day

If you have wind conditions and would like a fast-paced ride till a further island, you can do it. If you just want to enjoy the sea and the nature in a natural bay, you just need to get out of the marina and drop anchor in a sheltered bay. Show kids how to operate the anchor and you will have a deck hand available at all times 🙂 Make sure they swim a lot and they will have a proper lunch and maybe even a quiet siesta. A sailboat offers lots of control so you can enjoy your outing anyway you please.

As you are on a sailing yacht for a week, try spending as much time on board or swimming around it. Withdrawals are strong after the vacation ends, so take full advantage of it while it happens.

4. Your new friends are on the neighbor yacht

Although old ports are usually small, during the summer they are all full of adventurists just like you. The sailing community is bigger than you think and more and more people from all over the world is spending vacations with families on yachts.  You’ll find people and families of all sizes and types to sail with. Exchange info on local places and discover new restaurants kid friendly, new beaches to go to, new spots to stop for a swim or even where to meet dolphins.
"Seamanship" is very strong in sailing families too. Anyone will help you with whatever you might need, so feel free to ask and also help other yachts too if you can.

5. Can be intense and great experience for kids.

Usually everybody pays a professional skipper on board to take care of the yacht. But many people either prefer to skipper themselves if they have license and experience or help the skipper and get more experience. When you sail, you have to physically manipulate some of the components of the boat to adjust the sails for your direction. You’ll pull ropes, adjust lines and steer a manual rudder. Or the skipper can do this by himself. The idea is that it can be an intense workout for a few hours if you want to get involved in all the maneuvers. The kids of course would love to get involved and the good thing is that they learn fast. They would love it and the experience will drive them further in obtaining their skipper license in the future. When they grow up they can be leaders in their group of friends when it comes to travel or even day by day activities.
Sailing_kids parents

6. Sailing vacations make great memories

As we all want to instill strong, positive memories in our children that they will carry with them forever, sailing is a great way to do so. The week spent sailing in the summer will be their highlight for the whole year. Swimming around and playing in the water with the other kids in the flotilla, helping you at certain maneuvers on the yacht or spinning the manual rudder to change direction will give them so many reasons to be stronger and build faith in themselves. Besides the memories, your kids will be stronger after this vacation.
So either if you are joining a kids flotilla like the one we do this July in Greece or just planning to go in one or 2 families on a yacht, take the decision and go! It will be one of the best vacations you ever had as a family.

Being in a flotilla has it's advantages, specially with kids. The organizer of the flotilla usually recommends the best spots every day, can help with your yacht and most important, there are a lot more kids in the group so more play time for them.
So get their best pirate costumes on and have some fun!
sailing with pirate kids
Either a catamaran or a monohaul will do the job perfect. So don't loose time on building a budget. Kids will love being at sea and at play all times, they will not think of the special comfort a catamaran gives you. Contact us and we will provide you the best solution for sailing with kids, flotillas or alone!
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