How will your week be

This is your vacation
You will have the vacation of your dreams, the one to talk to others about and make them wish they were a part of it. A vacation on a yacht is a sensational, relaxing and also active experience that includes incredible surroundings and wonderful people. Life on a boat for one week is a "dolce vita" to which you will get used very quickly.
Your vacation on a yacht starts on a Saturday and ends the next Saturday. You just have to get to the departure marina on Saturday around lunch. After paperwork and shopping are completed (see procedures at the beginning) we will start with something special. If the weather allows it, we will do some night sailing towards our first destination. Imagine a starry sky as you never thought it could exist and the soft sound of the boat cutting the tide while you enjoy the presence of your friends. Even for an experienced sailor this is something really memorable. During the day we will sail through the islands, between 2 and 4 hours a day, or even more if you wish to, and we will stop at sea or in empty bays to swim and to show our cooking skills preparing a delicious lunch.
Every evening we are going to stop on a new island. We will gather for dinner and that will be our starting point for the party that awaits us. The DJs will entertain you every night in every bar or club where we will party.
The best parties take place on the boats so we don’t recommend you to miss the daytime parties or the evening one when we will anchor all the boats in a natural bay, link them together, thus creating a floating pontoon on which you can walk and wonder around socializing and sharing drinks with your friends on other yachts. Add a night time swim to that and enjoy an exceptional party on a boat.
The vacation ends at some point, unfortunately. That moment is the next Saturday morning at 9 AM when the boat needs to be returned at the marina. We will get back to where we left on Friday evening around 5 PM. But don’t worry, we still have one evening left. Friday evening will be about Greek parties in the clubs near the marina or even on the boats.


Typical Day
You don’t usually wake up too early during your vacation, but here you will definitely open your eyes around 9 AM. The excitement for starting a new day on the boat doesn’t let you sleep longer. You might be lucky and have a friend that already went shopping and you will wake up to the smell of fresh bread from the island’s bakery. You just need to prepare a quick breakfast and enjoy your coffee on shore.
You will probably leave for a new island in a hurry at 11 o’clock when you realize that you are among the last ones in the port. In around one hour you will already have a beer on the deck of the boat and will start the preparations for the next stop in an empty bay, not before being pulled by the rope through the water or taking a swim in the open. You will definitely be hungry after all these activities so you and your friends can start preparing lunch. If no dolphin showed up on the way, keep your camera close, tomorrow is another day.
In the afternoon we will be in the new marina and we will have a few hours to relax on the yacht deck or to explore the area where we just arrived. Around 7-8 PM everybody is already ready for dinner which is like a warm up for the next party. I hear noises on the deck and I enthusiastically wake up. I check my watch and it's 9:10 AM the next day. Have fun, repeat!

9 AM – 11 AM: Wake-up and breakfast
10 AM – 11 AM: departure from the marina
12:30 PM – 3 PM: stop in the empty bay for lunch / party and hangout
4 PM – 4:30 PM: arrival in the new marina
7 PM – 10 PM: drinks on yachts and dinner
11 PM - ?: Party


Do i need experience?
You have probably realized so far that you do not need experience to hop on a sailing yacht. You will have a well trained skipper aboard that will provide comfort and security.
The skipper will be part of your crew, "one of the team". With good experience on the local areas, he will also be a very good guide for you. He/she will sleep/eat/party with you on the yacht. You will also be able to learn basic things regarding sailing from him. There will be lots of moments when you will need to help him.
If you have sailing experience and perhaps even a sailing license, you can be the skipper of your crew, having one extra spot for a friend. This means a lot more responsabilities for you, but you know them if you are already a skipper.
The skipper will have a cost of 600 eur per week.


Things to wear
You should keep in mind that you will spend almost all the time on a yacht, so very close to the beach. It is the perfect moment to show your favourite bathing suits and the results of the time spent in the gym.
You can imagine that you will only wear light, sport or casual outfits. We recommend you pack a slightly thick blouse or a long sleeve shirt for the evenings. You can use the same coat on the days when the wind might be stronger (if the case).
In the evenings, when we go to dinner or to the club, we recommend a slightly more festive summer outfit, like shorts and shirts, polos or t-shirts for men and dresses for the ladies. In some of the clubs the ladies can even wear sandals, but it is always recommended to wear shoes without heels.
On the yacht the recommended shoes are the non-marking ones with white and soft sole, “boat shoes”, for the moments when you will wear any shoes. 95% of the time you will be barefoot or wearing beach slippers.
Do not forget about the special costume for the Regatta – it is very important if you want to win the competition.


Sea sick
Just to clarify, there is no one who does not feel sea sick – in fact, motion sickness. Some people feel it more than others. But we all face the same situation and it all comes from our inner ear, our centre of balance.
To prevent and solve the sea sickness there are several options and they all work:
1. You have to stand on deck and either carry out an activity or look in the horizon at a fixed point
2. A glass of rom always helps
3. There are pills that work against the sea sickness that you can take half an hour before you sail.
In the unlikely event of sea sickness your skipper will surely help you easily overcome it. So do not let the thoughts on this ruin one of the most beautiful vacation you can have. You will definitely be fine.


How to reach the main port
The main marinas are usually close to an airport, whether it is Athens, Lefkas, Split, Dubrovnik or any other destination.
There is also the solution of a road trip for people leaving closer than 1500 km to each port

You have to be in the departing Marina on Saturday around lunch. It is recommended to get there well rested because you will have an intense week ahead. Here you will find The Party Sails’s reception point and you will receive guidance for the activities of the day:
- How to get to the broker where all the paper work needs to be completed for renting the yacht
- How to get to the supermarket where you can buy everything you need for the week
- Where is the pub where you can relax with a beer until everyone is ready to go
You will receive additional info on your email well in advance.



Useful advice
- What luggage should I take?
It is recommended to bring a small luggage. You will need t-shirts, flip flops and swimsuits. The evening events are casual, but 1-2 evenings might be more elegant. You should not bring a trolley bag because it will not have space on the boat once it si emptied. It is best to bring a travel bag.
- The currency
Euro is the currency used in most of the countries in Europe. You can bring some cash  or just take it of an ATM over there. On the islands you might not be able to pay with the card and the number of ATM might be low. Cash is king!
- Sunscreen lotion
Do not forget the sunscreen and the after sun lotion. Sun can be dangerous and on the yacht you will always feel the breeze and you might not realize when you get a burn. We totally recommend using these lotions. Remember also to bring your sunglasses and a hat.
- Liquids
It is generally advisable to drink 2 liters of liquid per day. On the boat it is mandatory to do so and you should take into account that beer, ouzo or any other alcohol are not accountable as water.
- What do I find on the yacht
The yacht is fully equipped and offers autonomy to the group. You will find a radio/cd player most of the times with an USB or AUX jacks, indoor and outdoor speakers, cooker, oven, dishes, cutlery, refrigerator and / or freezer.
- Electricity
You will find 12v electricity on the yacht (like in cars). In some ports you will be able to connect the yacht to 220v and then you can also use the 220v sockets inside the boat. Some yachts have a built-in generator or can have an inverter that can provide 220v.