About us

Yacht = sailing ship.
1 m = 3,3 ft

We are a very passionate young team aiming to sail all the way if possible. Since 2003 we spent lots of weeks on yacht of all sizes (15-70ft), on calm waters and strong storms, being a tourist or the skipper. The wind took us on many seas and hopefully one day we will go around our planet.
When we are not sailing, each of us have a normal life and activity, as friends would call it. And of course we like music and parties.
We started this project by combining sailing and party. Basically we take a great one week vacation on a sailing yacht and make it even better, adding music, parties and similar crews in a fantastic flotilla.

Just imagine: you are on a greek island, on a yacht together with other 6-7 good friends, taking part in a 10 yachts flotilla, blue and warm sea , sailing each day 2-3 hours to the next island, meeting dolphins on the way, cooking lunch in a natural bay and dance meanwhile, evening spent in a small old port by a lovely taverna for dinner, followed by another party in a small bar, waking up with a great smell of hot croissants baked by a spry friend - and you are back to where you started - you are on a greek island .. welcome to The Party Sails!