First day schedule

Welcome to the main Marina. Either you got in town friday or just saturday morning, we will all meet in the Marina around 1.00 pm. It is a very important day for the rest of the week and this is why we need to follow a simple short plan.

We will go aboard the yachts around 5.00 pm (sometime earlier) so there will be some time to kill at the bar or on the beach. Till 5.00 pm though the representative of your crew together with the skipper has to make all papers with the charter company in order to have access to the yacht. There is a contract to be signed and also the payment of the deposit by cash or credit card (several cards can be used if needed). Once again, the deposit works like in car rental: When you return the yacht you will get refunded if there are no damages, or refunded partially if there are damages to your yacht. For more details about the deposit you can always ask us over email.

During the above procedures, 2-3 members of your crew should take care of groceries for the week. Near the marina there are a few supermarkets (you will receive details about each destination by email prior to getting there) where you can find all needed for the week ahead.

You need to synchronize with the guy doing the check in of the yacht so you do not end up with all the groceries on the dock, and the yacht shall not not ready. You will be able to get your luggages and groceries on board only after the check in procedure has finished.